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Our Story

Leadbrains is a brainchild of WDG_Dinesh Gengarajan that is built with the scope to impart the knowledge to the identical community of traders - to guide them through the toughest & deepest waters. Our story began with a belief and a passion: that everybody should have

easy access to the best education anywhere.

Our Vision:

To Provide the best learning experiences to every trader for better understanding of markets & to strategize effectively by leveraging technology for achieving financial stability. Providing learner the real choice that they actually deserve.


We begun our business through a single website smart investing


Officially incorporated as Leadbrains Techservices pvt Ltd.


Mytradingcourses + our youtube channel was developed to promote one on one classes & share market analysis.


Major re-structuring of company's board


Our online learning platform - WIZ is launched with courses & live classes in it.

Director Speaks

Our Motto & Mission Statement,

Delivering our services beyond any customer's expectation.

Our long - term mission is to impart knowledge, experiences & guide our learners throughout their journey & in reaching their destiny.

To Conduct various workshops in live market conditions to train the learners.

Our Morals & Promises,

  • Leadbrains always aims in providing unique & quality services to our beloved customers.

  • We can never withstand & have zero - tolerance towards any customer dis-satisfaction.

  • We value a good rapport between our learners, mentors & appreciate transparency in all operations.

  • We implement KAIZEN in all our Services - KAIZEN is a process of continuous improvement. Thereby, updating all our services to be in par with current day trends & techniques. we will improve by resolving issues in the feedback.

  • We neither display ads nor implement any cheap marketing Techniques.

  • We will never outsource any of our core activities.

  • A straight - forward promise, we do not spam or mishandle any of your personal data. We respect your Privacy.





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